5 Overlooked Tips For a Truly Happy Home

5 Overlooked Tips For a Truly Happy Home

A truly happy home is what we all crave. And the reason for this, of course, is simple. A happy home not only signifies a happy life, a truly happy home is the foundation of a truly happy life.

And while we’d all love to have a truly happy home, first thing anybody trying to achieve this will realize is that it is not a very easy thing to achieve. So mighty even that maybe the trial is the problem about that it is one of these paradoxes of that that whenever you try to have it it gets farther and farther from you.

But does that mean that we can never achieve it if we don’t have it? I’d like to think not. I’d like to think that the problem is that we start on our journey for a truly happy home by focusing on the hard, complicated things whereas all we really need to focus on are the simple basic things…

So what are these simple, basic things you ask, that can bring about a truly happy home. Well here’s a list of 5 overlooked tips that can make our homes a truly happy one.

5 Overlooked Tips For a Truly Happy Home

Overlooked Tips For a Truly Happy Home

1. Appeal to the Senses – the Palpable 

Sometimes we dive into our journey of having a truly happy home by focusing on the psychological, and while that actually does no harm in itself, sometimes it is better to focus on the physical and the palpable things that can be perceived by the senses.

The psychological affects the physical as much as the physical affects the psychological. And it is no rare occurrence that while fixating on the psychological sometimes we neglect to give any attention to the physical.

Which is why for a truly happy home, a good colour, good smell, good texture, all are important towards achieving our goal.

2. Routine and Rituals

Another tip to have a truly happy home is to be in habits of forming rituals by having fixed routines that you all love.

A good ritual is one that happens naturally without forcing anything. But having it in mind doesn’t hurt.

Having in mind to find something is not the same as forcing it. Forcing it is when you try to make a ritual of something that doesn’t come naturally to anyone in the group.

Having it in mind, however, is being conscious of these fun, peculiar things that you all love to do and that you do often.

3. Touch 

When it comes to the psychological part of having a happy home, a sometimes neglected and overlooked aspect of it is physical connections.

 The greatest way to achieve physical connection, of course, is by touching and palpably feeling a partner or your kids or any other member of the family. 

And this goes a long way – even though it may not seem so at first. A gentle back rub, a massage, a pat on the back, a kiss on the forehead, on the lips all go along way in forging that bond that makes a truly happy family.

4. Positivity 

The power of positivity can never be underestimated or understated. Mind over matter is not hocus pocus. It is actually a verified psychological hack that works.

The brain has a way of adapting. It is one of our strongest strength as humans. And it is exactly whatever you call out to your mind that your brain will adapt to.

If you surround yourself with positive statements and positive people and have a positive mindset, that is what the brain will respond to; the brain which we all know plays a very-very important role in how we go about our day-to-day activities.

Having a positive outlook on your work life, your social life and on any other aspects of your life makes you thrive in those aspect, and they, believe it or not, are also what affect what happens in your home.

5. Clean House Clean Mind

A clean environment is another understated aspect of having a truly happy home. A home, any home, is supposed to be a safe haven; where you come to relax; to escape. 

But who wants to escape to a cluttered dump? Nobody.

Having a space where you feel clean and safe to think and contemplate helps not only the senses, but also the brain, to make great decisions and unburden the brain of negativities of life.

And that, of course, is the definition of a truly happy home.

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