5 Subtle Signs of a Truly Happy Home

5 Subtle Signs of a Truly Happy Home

Having a home that is truly and genuinely happy is no child’s play. And while children playing may be an obvious sign of it, what we’re going to be dealing with in this post are the subtle, non obvious signs of a truly happy home.

Subtle Non-Obvious Signs of a Happy Home 

5 Subtle Signs of a Truly Happy Home

1. Anecdotes

Anecdotes are these little nice stories that we all like to tell each other. Now the first sign of our happy home is that there are people in that home who likr to tell each other anecdotes.

Again, the most important aspect of this is that these people are willing to share these anecdotes with each other without hesitation- and sometimes, willing to listen.

We say “sometimes” because there are other times they may not be in the mood to listen or even share, but the most important is that in happy home, the parties in that home are, more than anything, WILLING.

2. Selfless

5 Subtle Signs of a Truly Happy Home

This is the most unequivocal aspect of a happy home. If it is so unequivocal, then, you ask, why is it not obvious?

Because of course acts of selflessness, while unequivocal in its fact, may not be so in display. Meaning it is not all the time that selflessness implies a hero throwing his or herself in front or a moving train to save their loved ones. 

Sometimes acts of selflessness like vacating a seat, waiting to dine together, etc. may just be as potent and unequivocal even if much subtler. 

3. Rituals

Rituals are great, and deep down we’d all like to have them. Because rituals signify a sort of bond that is shared between participants of said ritual.¬†

Which is why a truly happy home would have inevitably developed certain rituals, and not only develop them but also honour them at all cost. 

Does this mean that a growing family that has not yet established a ritual is not a happy home? No, of course not.  It only means that a family that has rituals – deep-rooted and long-lasting – and still honors them is a happy one.

4. Voices

Another subtle cue/sign of telling a happy home is the modulation of voices. 

Is it true that an happy home – a truly happy home -never raise voices? No. Of course they can, during parties, merriment, family games etc. But a happy home – a truly home – never has members that raise voices at each other.

5. Friends

First and foremost in a truly happy home, all the members of the family – no matter how large – are friends.

And to take it further, they understand the relationship between friendship and family. They know that the strongest families are the ones who share a bond that is both that of a friends and of family.


So there you have it, the five subtle signs of telling a truly happy home. Of course these don’t purport to be the all-telling, infallible gauge of telling a truly happy home.

They are merely just a happy innocent guide. 

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